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tinyCam Monitor PRO

Mobile surveillance from any IP cameras for Android phones, tablets, Google TV !

tinyCam Monitor PRO

One of the best app available for Android for remote surveillance, control and video recording for your private/public network or IP cameras, video encoders and DVRs with CCTV cams (#1 rated surveillance app, 4.6 average rating with 10,000+ active users).

Monitor your baby, pet, home, business, traffic, and weather remotely and securely (no data being sent to 3rd parties). tinyCam Monitor provides best value to customers. Buy now to get more features in future updates for free! More than 25 major updates per year with new features!

Listed as a featured app on Google TV in Android Market. View your security cams right from the sofa!


  1. Very intuitive custom made interface. See the screenshots to appreciate the quality of the app.

  2. Support for M-JPEG based devices of all major vendors (100+)

  3. 1-way audio (listening) for D-Link, Edimax, Gadspot, SONY, Sharx Security, LogiLink, TRENDnet, Y-cam (selective models)

  4. 2-way audio (talking and listening) for Axis, FOSCAM, Loftek, Tenvis, Wansview, INSTAR, and more on the way!

  5. SSL support (https) for secured monitoring and encrypting credentials

  6. 10 different layouts with unlimited number of cameras support

  7. Control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) enabled devices, i.e. Panasonic, Pixord, Vivotek

  8. Relay, LED control for some models

  9. Cyclic 24/7 video recording (sequence of JPEG images) on SD card. Video playback is under development.

  10. Easy to use pinch to zoom for digital zooming and swipes for camera selection

  11. Sequence mode for automatic cameras switching

  12. Import/export settings to SD card or Dropbox service

  13. Support for any USB/laptop cams through 3d party software for PC/Mac (see FAQ)

  14. Native interface for Honeycomb tablets and Google TV

  15. Very CPU efficient

Still not amazed? How about these UNIQUE Features :

  • The only app in the market which supports ON CAMERA MOTION DETECTION (selective models). Make automatic snapshots or play alert sound on motion!

  • LAN SCANNER for automatic cams detection. Have a camera IP address suddenly changed? It takes only couple minutes to fully rescan your home network

  • Audio real-time processing (SQUELCH) for using it as a baby monitor

What's in this version: (Updated : Feb 23, 2016)

  • Immersive mode in live view for Android 4.4+

  • HW+ decoder

  • Zoom buttons for Android Wear app

  • "Pin to home" from multiple page layout menu.

  • Support for Vimtag (Fujikam), Annke cameras.

  • 2-w audio for Amcrest and D-Link some models.

  • Internal watchdog for background mode or web server if crashed. Robust 24/7 recording.

  • Memory optimization.

  • Start background mode from web server.

  • More at

Required Android O/S : 1.6+


Download : 14M APK

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